A Triangle Approach

Solina offers end-to-end expertise to support customers from initial idea to finished product. Consumer and market inspiration, savoury food innovation, product and service customisation; the combination of these three assets forms the foundation of a triangle approach. We work proactively to use our knowledge of the latest consumer trends and market insights to help customers stay ahead in the fast-changing savoury food market.

In practice, that means we inspire with culinary food concepts and provide extensive market understanding, food technology wisdom and culinary expertise in support of food ingredient solutions. The goal is to conceive solutions in line with our customers’ expectations, technical processing capabilities and quality requirements.

We nurture an approach in which we apply our expertise in raw material and ingredient sourcing, regulatory and certifications, quality control, market trends and R&D to the creation of innovative food solutions.


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20200702 Nextera pilootinstallatie 1 (2)

Look inside our new protein food disvision

from custom protein solutions to full-service guidance At NEXTERA® by Solina, we le...

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Fish-alternative breakthroughs

Sustainability concerns amid consumers Raise the bar for your plant-based product p...

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Acquisition of Sauces et Créations (France)

We are glad to announce that Solina has acquired the French companies Sauces et Cré...

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20220324 nextera nugget tasting 18

Empowering protein at IFFA 2022 (Germany)

From May 9-14 we will be present the IFFA, one of the world’s leading trade f...

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nextera burger deluxe (1)

Join us on the ‘Positive Nutrition’ broadcast

The 2022 'Positive Nutrition' broadcast of Foodnavigator consist of eight category ...

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Introducing our 2021 sustainability summary

Solina has launched its first sustainability summary, which is a collection of sust...

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