Consumers want a sustainable source of salmon. Turned off red meat by environmental, ethical and health concerns, many people identified salmon as a way to fill the gap in their diets—only for worries about whether the fish is bad for people and the planet to intensify and deter them from increasing their consumption of the protein. The situation has exposed a pressing need for a true alternative.


NEXTERA® recognised the urgent need for sustainable salmon and used its deep expertise in new protein foods and heritage in animal proteins to rise to the challenge. Leveraging market insights and advanced technologies, NEXTERA® identified what consumers want from salmon and created a plant-based alternative with similar sensory and nutritional properties.

The innovative product combines the best of both worlds — the desirable pink, flaky and moist texture of fish flakes and an optimised emulsion to create a superior seafood product that caters to the needs of health-conscious consumers. High in protein and fibre, and low in saturated fats, the vegan salmon is a  wholesome food and an excellent option for people looking to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As a tasting panel found, the appearance, taste, texture and mouthfeel are similar to farmed and wild salmon.

$14.5 billion

the cost of environmental damage caused by farmed salmon from 2013 to 2019

Plant-based salmon is needed to address the environmental problems of wild and farmed fish.

Source: Changing Markets Foundation


NEXTERA® designs vegan salmon from a texturised vegetable protein (TVP) that its R&D team chose after an exhaustive search of top suppliers. The team adds water, flavours and colours to an emulsion before shaping and coating the TVP to create the perfect vegan salmon fingers and burgers. NEXTERA® worked with Solina’s R&D team to enhance the flavour and colour and teamed up with sister company Bowman Ingredients on the coating.

The collaborative capabilities and years of collective experience equip NEXTERA® to produce ideal vegan salmon solutions and meet custom solution requests from clients around the world. NEXTERA® prides itself on partnering with companies of all sizes to develop fully customised solutions for everything from expanding plant-based menus at small businesses to adding production capabilities at big factories.

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