More and more people are open to adding plant-based foods to their diet. But only if they exceed their expectations regarding taste, texture, nutritional value, affordability and sustainability. Success depends on choosing the right partner, technology and expertise. That’s where NEXTERA® comes in. Let’s set the gold standard together.

To build and optimise your plant-based products, we provide a wide selection of blends for flavour, texture, functional, and nutritional solutions.


New protein food is high in demand. But persuading the growing group of flexitarians to become ambassadors of your plant-based products and to keep on buying them, is no walk in the park. The trick is in matching the sensory profile of animal-based equivalents. And that’s right up our alley.

Before launching a new concept, a panel of experts evaluates its performance in terms of taste, texture, appearance, and aroma. These assessments help us in finetuning solutions until they are ready to outperform your competitors’ meat and fish alternatives.


Inspirational concepts for new protein products

Use our inspirational concepts such as chicken-like fillets and fishless fingers as a springboard to shape your own concepts.

Is vegan tuna the next plant-based success?

See inspirational concept

Can vegan salmon meet demand for sustainable fish?

See inspirational concept

Perfecting a chicken-like burger?

See inspirational concept

Perfecting a plant-based nugget?

See inspirational concept

Turning plant-based döner into a winner?

See inspirational concept

Giving plant-based goujons a chicken-like bite?

See inspirational concept


Get assistance along every step of the way, including:

  • Concept scoping
  • Raw material selection
  • Testing at our high-tech research centre
  • Culinary support
  • Industrial trial production and upscaling
  • Commercial advice

Your interests come first, so we guarantee an objective perspective and complete independence of ingredients and technologies. The result: 100% customised and locally driven applications, rather than working with pre-defined toolkit solutions. Additionally, after your product launch, we will continue to optimise your requested application.


To win in sensory optimisation you can rely on our multi-disciplinary and dedicated R&D team of technologists, engineers, scientists, dieticians, chefs and more. Both their heritage in animal proteins and industry-leading expertise in plant-based alternatives is at your service to co-create tomorrow’s protein food. All you have to do is ask.


Why follow the herd if you can lead the pack, right? To effectively guide you in creating the best possible plant-based protein food, our dedicated NEXTERA® team continuously analyses the market for emerging trends and other insights. These are then translated to trend presentations, custom market audits, innovation development, launch advice, etc. by local Solina experts in R&D, marketing and business development in almost all European countries and North America. That way, you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in nailing all new and existing customer expectations.


Generating new ideas is one thing, actually creating them another. Therefore, we’ve installed a state-of-the-art pilot plant to keep us on the cutting edge of processing technology. This allows you to turn every protein concept into reality and develop your new products until they tick all the boxes.

Other savoury food

We love to experiment, push the boundaries and bring a spark of creativity to all sorts of savoury food.


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