Delivering Flavour

Solina turns mixtures of vegetables into meals. Few people like to eat a bowl of unadorned salad leaves and chopped vegetables. Yet, the addition of a dressing and other taste enhancers elevate the individual elements to create a mouthwatering meal.

Leveraging our culinary heritage, we develop dressings, seasonings, sauces and culinary pastes that bring new and classic flavors to vegetable-based dishes. Whether working with a salad bowl or meal kit, Solina helps customers to make complete, flavor-packed meals from vegetables.

Our Value Proposition


We know how to make vegetables taste great. From developing a dressing that enhances salad leaves, to creating a spiced tomato paste for a meal kit lasagna, Solina’s chefs and flavorists help vegetable cutters bring flavor to their raw materials.


Solina is flexible and collaborative in our approach to packaging, working with customers to find out if a sachet, cup or other receptacle is the best tool for the job. We then have the scale to deliver the required volumes, with our facility in Nieuw-Vennep (The Netherlands) having seven lines for sachets alone.


The agility of our packaging operation is echoed in our approach to customer service. We react rapidly to customer needs, for example by quickly providing the samples they need to inform the next steps for a planned product.


Solina works closely with vegetable customers to ensure our solutions fit in with your operation. The product is just one part of a broader package designed to maximize your chances of success.

Inspirational Concepts For Vegetables

Our ability to deploy integrated solutions to create practical, exciting and on-trend vegetables products is exemplified by inspirational concepts.

A plant-based burger providing the same nutrients as meat?

See inspirational concept

Turning plant-based döner into a winner?

See inspirational concept

Serving markets

Solina’s expertise in vegetables makes us a leading partner to companies working on the full spectrum of savoury foods.

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