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The market opportunity for plant-based fish is clear. Consumers have already embraced plant-based meat and the prevalence of Marine Stewardship Council or ‘responsibly sourced’ statements on launches show that sustainability, the environment particularly, are the major concerns for consumers when shopping fish and shellfish foods. The only question has been whether brands can replicate the texture, taste, colour and aroma of fish.


Solina has conclusively answered the question about the sensory properties of plant-based fish with our vegan tuna concept. The concept posed new challenges to NEXTERA®, an organisation with extensive experience of developing plant-based meats. With its flaky, soft bite and light, delicate colour and aroma, fish differs significantly from meat and the vegan tuna concept required a new approach.

NEXTERA® achieved the optimal flaky, soft fish-bite by applying wet extrusion to a selection of vegetable proteins. Through meticulous fine tuning, the team matched the texture to the fish gold standard and countered potential plant-based protein off-flavours to convincingly copy the taste and aroma. At the same time, the team watched closely to exclude and mitigate any unwanted interaction effects on texture or aroma that might arise during post-processing or heat treatment in the can.



the proportion of German meat substitute users who are interested in plant-based fish products

Fish substitute brands can turn interest into repeat sales by innovating around improved taste, texture and nutritional qualities.

Source: Mintel


The vegan tuna concept gives Solina a jumping off point for products tailored to the specific needs of each client. For example, Solina provides the option to go 100% allergen free, thereby enabling clients to deliver a plant-based tuna that meets the unique dietary requirements of their targeted consumers.

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