End-to-end Excellence

NEXTERA® by Solina leverages our heritage in animal protein and experience in the global savoury food industry to partner with companies looking to develop new protein foods. The offer includes end-to-end guidance — a concept-to-launch approach — for food companies and brands, including concept scoping, assisting raw material selection, providing ultimately professional culinary support and commercial advice. The complete package for food companies engaging into the creation of plant-based foods.

Different from many other market players, NEXTERA® by Solina has full independence on the selection of ingredients and technologies, freeing our teams to select the ideal composition of plant proteins (raw materials) to ultimately conceive sensorially optimized new protein food concepts . This approach results in tailor-made protein bases and ingredient solutions that are perfectly customized to the taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability requirements of each customer and their targeted consumers.

Solution concepts for new protein foods

The power of NEXTERA® by Solina is showcased by inspirational concepts such as chicken-like fillets and fishless fingers that serve as jumping-off points for conversations with customers about their own projects.

Discover our inspirational concepts

NEXTERA® by Solina has showcased the power of our capabilities with advanced concepts that address the biggest trends in savoury foods.

Bringing the taste of Thailand to Europe?

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Challenging the all-time concept of a hotdog?

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A ham with optimized Nutri-Score and clear ingredients label?

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Making consumer craved crisps healthier?

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A plant-based burger providing the same nutrients as meat?

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Turning plant-based döner into a winner?

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A vegetable-based meal pleasing any consumer?

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Looking for a customised solution?

Our Value Proposition


The new protein food market and consumer expectations are evolving quickly. At NEXTERA® by Solina, we stay ahead of those changes by continuously analyzing the market for early signs of emerging trends and other insights. This equips us to detect global and local market opportunities to the benefit of our customers.

Expert team

Diverse expertise is needed to develop successful new protein foods. Our dedicated team consisting of scientists (raw material knowledge), engineers (processing technology), chefs (culinary creativity) and dieticians (nutritional enhancement) plays into our strengths. By bringing together that range of capabilities, we conceive new protein foods concepts that excel in taste, texture and visual appearance without compromising on class-leading nutritional values in the process.

Full-service Partner

The NEXTERA® by Solina offering is built upon our strong protein heritage and expertise in taste, functional and nutritional ingredients, and supported by a 360° service level for our customers; from raw material selection to culinary support and marketing advice.

Research Centre

We are equipped to generate new ideas and put them into practice. At our NEXTERA® by Solina culinary kitchen, we explore and develop ideas and concepts. The culinary kitchen is complemented by a well-equipped, state-of-the-art pilot plant within our Solina Future Foods Research Center that keeps us at the forefront of knowledge of processing technology.


Sustainable Savoury

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