Customised plant protein blends by NEXTERA®

Blends to get your taste right

Our local flavourists are like perfumers for food. They combine premium non-animal protein bases to develop an endless range of taste profiles for you to choose from, while neutralising off-notes brought by vegan and vegetarian proteins.

Blends to get your colour and visual specs right

Through an integrated approach, we assure your plant-based food solutions possess the desired meat-like visual aspect.

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Blends to get your functional properties right

To match the sensory profiles of meat and fish equivalents, we develop blends to optimize textures. Think about temperature, bite, and the degree of fibrousness, juiciness or chewiness. Moreover, we focus on optimal shelf life and stability.

Blends to get your nutritional value right

NEXTERA® can optimise the nutritional value of plant-based meat and fish alternatives, without compromising on the sensory experience. For instance, we can reduce fat or enrich with vitamins or minerals.

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Discover our inspirational concepts

Our ability to deploy integrated solutions to create practical, exciting and on-trend food products is exemplified by our inspirational concepts.

Can vegan salmon meet demand for sustainable fish?

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Is vegan tuna the next plant-based success?

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Giving plant-based goujons a chicken-like bite?

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A plant-based burger providing the same nutrients as meat?

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More about plant protein?

Let's co-create the food of tomorrow

Standard plant protein blends by NEXTERA®

Dry blends based on extensive experience in various food industries, we’ve developed a balanced range of dry blends:

  • Chicken-like dry blend
  • Beef-like dry blend
  • Pork-like dry blend

More plant-based solutions

By being part of the Solina, which caters to various markets, NEXTERA® has access to plenty of other plant-based offerings – and so do you:

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stay ahead of the curve

Sure, new protein food appeals to a rapidly growing number of people, but there are also trends within the trend. NEXTERA® makes sure you beat the competition by continuously analysing the market for insights. These insights are then translated into presentations, custom market audits, innovation development, launch advice, etc. by Solina experts in most European countries and North America.

Craving unique business intelligence and research insights? Our specialized R&D, marketing and business development teams assist you in finding untapped markets and, subsequently, seizing the opportunities. Together, we’ll nail all new and existing consumer expectations in plant-based food.

Moreover, we conduct specific analysis to assess consumer perceptions of the various concepts we design. Learn more in our latest sensory analyse.


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