Chicken goujons have a distinctive bite, texture and mouthfeel as a result of their use of strips from under the breast meat. The texture of goujons, also known as chicken fingers and chicken tenders, is the texture of chicken. That makes developing plant-based goujons a particular challenge, distinct from the creation of more processed nuggets. It is a challenge that Solina is ideally equipped to meet.


Solina’s heritage in meat gives us detailed knowledge of how traditional chicken goujons are made. That knowledge served as a blueprint for our crunchy vegetarian goujons. By using the same process, we developed a delicious vegetarian goujon with a chicken-like white fibrous core that has a great taste and meaty texture. 

The concept is underpinned by our mastery of fibrillation technologies. Applying a powerheater extrusion technology, we prototyped strips made from soy and wheat protein. We then sliced the strips and, working with our coating unit Bowman Ingredients, encased them in a crunchy outer layer. The result? Vegetarian goujons with a juicy and chicken-like fibrous texture that are high in protein and low in saturated fat.  

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the proportion of consumers who say taste and texture are the most important repurchase criteria

In the highly competitive QSR industry, kitchens need to deliver the desired sensory experience every time to drive repeat sales.

Source: Mintel GNPD, September 2020


Crunchy vegetarian goujons are delicious on their own but, like their chicken-based counterparts, are taken to another level through the use of sauce. Drawing on our rich culinary heritage, Solina’s teams of flavourists, technologists and other food experts transform goujons with mouthwatering sauces that are available in a wide range of packaging formats to suit the needs of all QSR kitchens.  

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