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When one of our customers wanted to optimize their green curry meal box, Solina gladly rose to the challenge. The kit contained, among other ingredients, a green curry paste and a small carton of coconut milk. While both essential to the dish, they did increase the meal box’s overall production process. The coconut milk, for example, was shipped straight from Indonesia. We had to find a way to adapt these ingredients without compromising on flavour. How could we alter the curry paste’s composition to make processing more efficient, but maintain that authentic green curry taste profile?

When curry met coconut

To solve the curry question, we developed a brand new, improved green curry paste. This version has fewer ingredients – we omitted three spices and one E-number – and incorporates the coconut milk directly. As well as improving the flavour, this also eliminated the need to buy additional packs of coconut milk. It resulted in less packaging and reduced processing time, as our customer only had to add one product to the kit instead of two. Shipping the cartons from Indonesia became redundant and made the solution more sustainble. By combining the curry spices and the coconut milk in one product, the new curry paste is also a more ready-to-use solution for the consumer who prepares the meal-box curry eventually.

essential - pittige curry van varken 2

Good food in the best sense of the word

Every single day, Solina uses flavour expertise, food technology wisdom and market insights and trends to create exquisite integrated food solutions. We make food matter in terms of taste, texture, appearance, nutrition score, and (much) more. We always aim for good in the best and broadest sense of the word: good for you and good for the planet.

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